Pak Study MCQs | NTS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, CSS, PMS | Set 6

1. Who was the founder of Daily English Newspaper Dawn?

Answer is B) Quaid-e-Azam

2. What is the total area of Sindh Province?

Answer is A) 140,914 Sq Km

3. The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is

Answer is D) President

4. First Charter of Human Rights is?

Answer is D) Khuta-Hajjat- ul-Vida

5. In which year British East India Company occupied Punjab?

Answer is C) 1849

6. What is the total area of Punjab Province?

Answer is A) 205344 Sq Km

7. In which of the following cities All India Muslim League was found?

Answer is B) Dhaka

8. In which year Ali Garh Trusteeship bill was passed?

Answer is B) 1889

9. Which state was attacked by India on 11th September 1948?

Answer is A) State of Hyderabad Daccan

10. In which year Syed Jamal-ul-din Afghani died?

Answer is B) 1897