10th Class English Questions & Answers | Unit No. 4 | First Aid

Unit No. 4 | First Aid | 10th Class English Questions & Answers

Q.1 You should not keep checking if the bleeding has stopped. Why?

Ans. We should not keep checking the wound because this may damage or dislodge the clot.

Q.2 Why is it necessary to keep away soap from wound?

Ans. The soap can irritate the wound. So it should be kept away from actual wound.

Q.3 How is an antibiotic cream or ointment good in healing the wound?

Ans. An antibiotic cream or ointment is good in healing the wound because it keeps the surface moist and helps healing process.

0.4 What should you do if you are allergic to adhesive material used in most bandages?

Ans. I should use adhesive free dressings or sterile gauze.

Q.5 When do you need to see a doctor?

Ans. We need to see a doctor if the wound is not healing or we notice any redness increasing pain.

Q.6 What should your first aid kit consist of?

Ans. First aid kit should consist of band-aids, bandage and safety pins etc.

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