Most Important Repeated MCQs in Past Papers PPSC, FPCS, PMS, CSS etc

Q No.1 - Strait of Bosporus connects__:

Ans: Black Sea and Sea of Marmara

Q No.2 - Strait of Malacca separates:

Ans: Malaysia and Indonesia

Q No.3 - Which strait separate India from Sir Lanka:

Ans: Palk

Q No.4 - Which strait separate Malaysia from Singapore:

Ans: Johor

Q No.5 - Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of__:

Ans: River Danube

Q No.6 - Sea of Marmara and Aegean Sea are connected by the strait:

Ans: Dardanelles

Q No.7 - Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of__:

Ans: Seine River

Q No.8 - Agra is very famous city of India due to Taj Mahal it is situated on bank of river___:

Ans: Yamuna

Q No.9 - Great Victoria Desert is present in__:

Ans: Australia

Q No.10 - The Peacock Throne was made for___:

Ans: Shah Jahan

Q No.11 - Saindak project is producing copper, silver, __ with the help of China:

Ans: Gold

Q No.12 - Babar's Tomb is situated in___:

Ans: Kabul

Q No.13 - Martin Cooper is known for his invention of___:

Ans: Mobile phone 1973

Q No.14 - Gandhara art is related to:

Ans: Taxila

Q No.15 - Napoleon Bonaparte was a king of___:

Ans: Italy

(Emperor of France)

Q No.16 - When the banks were nationalized in Pakistan?

Ans: 1974

Q No.17 - Who was the first Prime Minister of England?

Ans: Sir Robert Walpole

Q No.18 - Who was the last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?

Ans: Mohammad Shah

Q No.19 - Where Jhelum and Chenab River meet:

Ans: Trimmu

Q No.20 - The oldest anthem of the world belongs to country___:

Ans: Japan

Q No.21 - The oldest flag of the world belongs to country___:

Ans: Denmark

Q No.22 - Bethlehem is associated with___:

Ans: Jesus Christ

Q No.23 - Importance of city Baku:

Ans: Oil Centre

Q No.24 - Golan Heights belonging to country:

Ans: Syria and Israel

Q No.25 - Which place of the world is called "city of peace":

Ans: Baghdad

Q No.26 - Who wrote "Father and Daughter"?

Ans. Begum Shah Nawaz

Q No.27 - When was the Simla Conference held?

Ans. 25 June, 1945

Q No.28 - Who wrote "Transfer of Power in India"?

Ans. V.P. Menon

Q No.29 - Who were members of the Cabinet Mission?

Ans. i. Stafford Cripps ii. A.V.Alexander iii. Sir Pathic Lawrence

Q No.30 - When did Quaid-E-Azam call for Direct Nation Day?

Ans. 16 August, 1946

Q No.31 - Who was the last Viceroy of Britain?

Ans. Lord Mountbatten

Q No.32 - Who were the members of the Punjab Boundary Commission?

Ans. i. Justice Muhammad Munir ii. Justice Shah Din iii. Justice Tega Singh iv. Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan

Q No.33 - Who proposed the resolution in the meeting and by whom the meeting was presided over?

Ans. The meeting was presided over by Quaid-E-Azam and Maulvi Fazl-Ul-Haq proposed the resolution

Q No.34 - Who confirmed the Resolution as a representative of Punjab?

Ans. Zafar Ali Khan

Q No.35 - Who supported the Resolution as a representative of Sindh?

Ans. Sir Abdullah Haroon

Q No.36 - Who confirmed the Resolution as a representative of Balochistan?

Ans. Qazi Muhammad Essa

Q No.37 - Who supported the Resolution as a representative of NWFP?

Ans. Aurangzeb

Q No.38 - In which election, Muslim League won all the seats reserved for the Muslims?

Ans. December 1945

Q No.39 - When an Interim Government was established in the Sub-Continent?

Ans. September 1946

Q No.40 - The plan of division of the sub-continent was declared on:

Ans. June 3, 1947

Q No.41- How Many colors are in rainbow?

Ans.  (7)

Q No.42- Land is divided into how many parts?

Ans. (7)

Q No.43- Capital of Nepal?

Ans. (khatmando)

Q No.44- First capital of Pakistan?

Ans. (Karachi)

Q No.45- Pakistan nuclear test on?

Ans.  (28 may 1998)

Q No.46- How many players in cricket?

Ans. (11)

Q No.47- Obama was president of which country?

Ans. (USA)

Q No.48 - NWFP becomes KPK in which amendment?

 Ans. (18th)

Q No.49 - Fasting is essential in which month?

Ans.  (Ramzan)

Q No.50 - Which element of is called sacrifice for wealth?

Ans.  (Zakat)

Q No.51 - Prophet Muhammad's tribe Banu?

Ans.  (Hashim)

Q No.52 - Ismail A.S was son of?

Ans. (Ibrahim A.S)

Q No.53 - Torah is a book of?

Ans.  (Judaism)

Q No.54 - Which is main organ for respiratory (lungs)

Q No.55 - Sharks are?

Ans.  (Fish)

Q No.56 - Which was East Pakistan?

Ans.  (Bangladesh)

Q No.57 - Pakistan joined SEATO in 1954 was sponsored by?

Ans.  (USA)

Q No.58 - Which surah is called heart of Quran?

Ans.  (Yaseen)

Q No.59 - How long does it take the earth to revolve around the Sun

Ans.  (1 year)

Q No.60 - Highest civil award?

Ans. (Nishan e Pakistan)

Q No.61 - Ziarat is in which province?

Ans.  (Balochistan)

Q No.62 - Covid 19 is?

Ans. (Virus)

Q No.63 - Jehad means?

Ans. (Struggle)

Q No.64 - 9th Zilhaj is Also Called?

Ans.  (Youm-e -Arfa)

Q No.65 - Masjid Quba mentioned in Which Surah?

Ans.  (Surah Touba)

Q No.66 - Hazrat __ was the first wife of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S.?

Ans: Sara

Q No.67 - Hazrat Ishaq A.S came to Hazrat Yaqub A.S and settled in __ city?

Ans: Hebron

Q No.68 - Hazrat Idrees A.S was an expert in __?

Ans: Astronomy

Q No.69 - Prophet Yahya A.S was sent to the people of __?

Ans: Jordan

Q No.70 - Old name of Makkah was __?

Ans: Bakkah

Q No.71 - How many types of donations are there in Ramzan?

Ans: 4

Q No.72 - Islam encourages Muslims to help each other like a ___?

Ans: Family

Q No.73 - Laylat-at-Qadr is considered as the Holiest eve in the __ calendar?

Ans: Islamic

Q No.74 - In Islam, the charity in Ramzan could be __?

Ans: Voluntary

Q No.75 - The term Saum in Urdu s called a __?

Ans: Rozah

Q No.76 - It is common practice for Muslims to buy new clothes for Eid, as it is?

Ans: Sunnah

Q No.77 - Ramzan is the month of giving and showing ___?

Ans: Mercy

Q No.78 - ___ is an important part of Ramzan?

Ans: Giving Charity

Q No.79 - Which Eid comes after Ramzan?

Ans: Eid-ul-Fitr

Q No.80 - There are how many Raqats of tarawih?

Ans: 20

Q No.81 - Which Friday of Ramzan is called Junnah-tul-wida?

Ans: Last

Q No.82 - Which month comes after Ramzan?

Ans: Shawal

Q No.83 - In Islam, Ramzan is the month that __ the soul?

Ans: Purifies

Q No.84 - At which azaan Muslims break their fast?

Ans: Maghrib

Q No.85 - Which month comes right before Ramzan?

Ans: Shabaan

Q No.86 - Haqeem Luqman was a student of which Prophet in Islam?

Ans: Hazrat Dawood

Q No.87 - Who among the following Prophets was thrown into fire in Islam?

Ans: Hazrat Ibrahim

Q No.88 - Sidra-tul-Muntaha marks the utmost boundary in the __?

Ans: Heaven

Q No.89 - Who among the following Prophets was swallowed by a whale?

Ans: Hazrat Yunus AS

Q No.90 - Deen-e-Hanif is the old name of __?

Ans: Islam

Q No.91 - When Muslims were commanded to fast?

Ans: 624 CE

Q No.92 - What is breaking your fast called in Arabic?

Ans: Iftar

Q No.93 - Which of following angel is responsible to blow the trumpet to signal the Day of Judgment in Islam?

Ans: Israfil

Q No.94 - How many ashras are there in the month of Ramzan?

Ans: 3

Q No.95 - What is the “first” stage of Ramzan called in Islam?

Ans: Mercy

Q No.96 - What is the “Second” stage of Ramzan" called in Islam?

Ans: Forgiveness

Q No.97 - What is the charity called that must be given during Ramzan?

Ans: Zakat

Q No.98 - At what age “fasting” is obligatory for a Muslim?

Ans: 12 years

Q No.99 - What is the term for “Fast” in Arabic?

Ans: Sawm

Q No.100 - What does the first prayer of the day called?

Ans: Fajr

Q No.101 - Laylatul Qadar is known as the night of __?

Ans: Power

Q No.102 - What is the name of the big festival celebrated after Ramzan?

Ans: Eid-ul-Fitr

Q No.103 - Which date is seedless?

Ans: Aseel

Q No.104 - The word Ramadan means the __ month?

Ans:  Hot

Q No.105 - Which angel is responsible for Rain & Sustenance?

Ans: Mikael

Q No.106 - What is the meaning of “Saum”?

Ans: To stop

Q No.107 - Which of the following angel acted as an “intermediary” between God and Prophet PBUH?

Ans: Jibrael

Q No.108 - What is the name of the Gate of Paradise through which people who fast will enter?

Ans: Bab-ul-Rayyan

Q No.109 - What is the name of the Gate Keeper of Paradise?

Ans: Rizwan

Q No.110 - First Civil War among Muslims is Battle of Jamal which was fought in:

Ans: 36 AH

Q No.111 - Which Roman governor ordered the execution of Hazrat Issa {AS}:

Ans: Politus

Q No.112 - When the army of Pharaoh was pursing the Israelites, Hazrat Musa as crossed the Sea:

Ans: Red Sea

Q No.113 - Hazrat Umar {RA} was killed by a Persian Prisoner of war, named:

Ans: Abu Lulu Al-Firoz

Q No.114 - Which book is called as Saheehain:

Ans: Bukhari, Muslim

Q No.115 - How many Ghazwat are mentioned in Holy Quran:

Ans: 12


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